6 Reasons Why you Should Start your Email List Today

Building an email list should be one of your top priorities.

If you have a web presence, whether it is a blog, website, forum, whatever; you should have your own email list since the very beginning.

I didn’t start my own mailing list when I first started making blogs because I didn’t see the need for it and because I thought it would be something expensive and I didn’t have the money.

I was completely wrong.

A list is something as important as the website itself and you can have your own without spending a single cent.


What you will learn

  • Why a mailing list is extremely important
  • Why you should start a list from the very beginning of any project
  • How you start your own

Creating your own mailing list is always a good idea, here are a few reasons why.


Make one-time visitors come back

A good percentage of your visitors are probably only going to your site once.

They are not a loyal visitor that will come back every day to check on what’s new.

If you get this type of visitor to sign up to your list you are very likely to get them back again and again.

That’s why sometimes you should be more concerned about visitors joining your list than to click on ads or buying things. Because they are going to be way more valuable in the long run if they sign up.

So this visitor that would be on your website just once signed up for your list. Now the chance of getting them back is huge by sending newsletters, special offers or interesting and exclusive material directly to their inbox.

Build your brand awareness

Sending regular newsletters and updates are a great way to build brand awareness.

It’s basically free advertising. People will start to know and recognize your blog.

If used correctly users will start to trust you and your brand, making it much easier to then sell your products or making them click on your affiliate links.


You can use it to sell things

A mailing list is another platform to sell.

You are probably already monetizing your website selling products, using affiliate links or display ads.

Having a mailing list full of people with the same interest will make it possible to sell them products directly from the emails you send.

You can sell your own products or products from your affiliates, making email just as good as an online store dedicated to selling, and email usually has a pretty good conversion ratio.

Regarding the above point about brand awareness, the better people know and trust your site and your emails, the easier it will be to sell them things.


It’s a great way to make announcements and keep in touch

You can easily announce updates and new features, bringing long lost visitors back to your site.

It’s also a good way to send emails on special occasions, for example on Christmas and new year.


You have full control over your list

When you’re building a following on any social media platform you don’t really have any control.

If for some reason Twitter or Facebook decide to close your account you can’t transfer your followers somewhere else. They are in control, not you.

That doesn’t happen with an email list. You have full control, it’s your list.

You can just move your list from different service providers as you wish and still retain full control.


Start your list today!

As you probably already noticed, you should really start building your list as soon as possible.

And trust me, money is not an issue on this one. Verticalresponse allows you to build your list and send emails for free!

They allow up to 300 contacts and 4000 emails sent every month. That is a lot!

There are no excuses not to start today. Go check out Verticalresponse and sign up for a free account.

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