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What do you use the Internet for? I’m certain that you keep in touch with your friends, browse Facebook, watch some videos on Youtube, keep up with the news, listen to music and watch movies. I also do all that, every day.

I’d say that about 70% of the time that I spend online is doing those things, most that I would personally consider as just being a waste of time, but I do enjoy them, we all need moments of distraction. The other 30% of the time I spend working, online.

You are probably thinking that thirty percent is not a lot of time, and it isn’t, but it is enough for the Internet to be my “full time” job.

I made my first cent online back in 2008. I was 11 or 12 years old and it was technically illegal because a child can’t sign up for Google Adsense, which was the first advertising network I’ve ever used.

Not that I cared that I couldn’t sign up. I did. And I put some ads on a blog I owned at the time about technology news, and a few days later I made that first cent.

It felt great! I was, in fact, generating money. Real money. Now To get more than one cent every few days I knew I had to work on my content to try to increase the number of daily visitors.

It worked. I started to get a steady increase of people coming in, and with it, more money. All of the revenue was still in the realm of cents, but it was the start of something great.

Since then, I’ve been dedicated to learning as much as I could about the Internet and how I can make money with it. All the techniques, all the terms, the acronyms, and even computer programming. Everything I thought that would help me generate more money.

And let’s be honest. Working online is the best thing ever. I’m my own boss. I don’t have to report to anyone and I don’t have to follow orders. I create my own schedules so I can work anytime I want, or even not work at all if I don’t feel like working a specific day.

I prefer to work and invest on my own business rather than working on someone else business. Why should you be restricted by your monthly paycheck when you can make so much more on your own.

We are living in what I like to call “The Modern Gold Rush”. There is so much money to make online and so many opportunities. And one thing that I know for sure is that anyone, and I really mean anyone, can make money online. It’s not like it’s a superpower or something.

And one of the good parts about it is that it requires minimal or even no investment at all. Which is a huge advantage over a traditional business where you have to pay rent, employees, stock, etc…

The only thing I need to work is a laptop and a Internet connection. This has allowed me to travel around the world whenever I want and still be able to generate money.

The only thing I am selling here is the dream. I’m trying to give you the motivation to give it a shot.

My goal with this blog is to put you in a position where you generate money on your own, with the knowledge and tools I give you.

I won’t promise that you will make money because that is all on you and the ammount of effort you put in this. What I promise is that you can if you want.

I will be posting guides, tutorials, comparisons and everything that I see that will help either getting started or improving what you already have.

This means that Online Living is for the begginner that never created a website, to the guy that is already generating revenue and want to improve.

I welcome you all. Let’s make some money!

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